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Testimonials"Hybrid Design was absolutely wonderful to work with and created exactly what we had hoped for. We will be working with them again immediately on some other projects."
Merritt and Dave Tonn, Matrix Wave
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Portfolio - Website Design

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Web Design - Emma Wallace Emma Wallace : Recording Artist

As a recording artist, this client wanted her website to reflect the style of her music. Comprised primarily of images, her website has an artistic flavor. Functionalities include web-to-email forms, image swaps, and downloadable music files.
Web Design - Leader's Journal Leader's Journal : News Portal

Leader's Journal is a news portal site that caters to executives, managers, and entrepreneurs and required the ability to be easily updated by the website owner. This high-content site also included newsletter subscription capabilities, discussion forums, and user groups.
Web Design - Global Business Alliances, LLC Global Business Alliances : International Trade & Business Consultants

A content rich site appealing to a corporate audience, this website several functionalities such as: web-to-email forms, downloadable PDF brochure, dynamic news feed, 'bookmark this page' capabilities, 'email this page' capabilities, drop-down menus, and newsletter signups.
Web Design - Lucky Guppy Marketing Lucky Guppy Marketing

Lucky Guppy Marketing, a clean, contemporary website for a team of copywriting professionals.
Web Design - 1031TICBrokers.com 1031TICBrokers.com

The leader in providing 1031 Tenants-in-Common (TIC) replacement properties, 1031TICBrokers.com was formed to create a convenient means by which users can access their inventory of 1031 TIC exchange properties. The website includes rotating banners and a web-to-email form for information requests.
Web Design - Safe Pilot Executive Flight Training

This website showcases the flight & simulations training offered by Executive Flight Training.
Web Design - PC Pros, Inc. PC Pros : Comprehensive PC Solutions

A simple to navigate, fast-loading website, PC Pros offers top quality computer solutions.
Web Design - Hampton Brokerage Group Hampton Brokerage Group

Hampton Brokerage Group specializes is a high end business brokerage firm with years of experience in mergers and acquisitions. Their database-driven website provides information and listings, searchable businesses for sale, and invaluable resources.
Web Design - DVD Warehouse DVD Warehouse, Retail DVD Sales

A business-to-consumer retail website, DVD Warehouse was delivered as a skin to the client, so they could add additional pages and content using a content management system.
Web Design - Better Testimony Better Testimony, Attorney

Better Testimony is a website showcasing the services of an attorney who provides seminars on testifying in court. Because the client's seminars are delivered with a tinge of humor, the goal was to have a lighthearted, whimsical feel, while maintaining a professional image. This was achieved through carefully chosen industry-related illustrations. Also included a web-to-email form.
Web Design - Yale Books Special Markets Yale Books Special Markets

This particular website is to showcase the most recent literary work of a Yale author.